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Does your stone flooring look like it needs a professional touch . At 24/7 Carpet & Floor Care we also specialize in stone cleaning such as : Travertine Limestone, Slate and Spanish tile at a very affordable price . We can bring your flooring back to life by five easy steps plus seal it to protect it from dirt and stains. We even clean granite counter tops and seal them also. Maybe you have stone showers we also clean and seal them to.

24/7 Carpet & Floor Care uses five steps to clean your stone .

Step 1 : Mop on stone cleaner to stone letting it soak in for 5 minutes to loosing up dirt and grime from surface .

Step 2: We hand scrub all grout lines with grout brush to loosing and release dirt from grout. this will help grout look like new again.

Step 3: We do a deep scrub with a special stone pad to release all dirt and grime from stone flooring this procedure will bring your floors back to life is much more affordable then a full restoration most floors can just be clean to look good again. Now if your floor is damage and has scratches then it would need to be done with certain method which would be a full restoration job and would be a lot more expensive. So hopefully your floors are in good shape and I can save you some money.

Step 4: We extract the flooring with steam to remove all the dirt and grime from surface and access water leaving your floors looking new.

Step 5: We dry surface completely with mop or rags and do any touch up if needed. Then we put sealant down to protect your investment from any stains and to make it easier for you to maintain it for at least a couple of years until you have it professionally clean again. 

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