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Pet Damage Removal

24/7 Carpet & Floor Care we specialize in full pet restoration. If your animals have destroyed your carpet with stains and bad odors. Let us remove the stains and odor by doing a full pet restoration to better guarantee that odor be gone. But the first step is to actually call us and let us take a look at it to see if you need a full pet restoration. Because if it isn't that bad we might be able to save you some money and just to a basic pet odor removal. Our maybe its just so bad that we can't save it at all. So please call us so we can give our professional opinion by giving you a free estimate and do the service same day if we can honestly save it we will let you know , because we run our business off of honesty we want to keep you as a satisfied customer for years to come.

 24/7 Carpet & Floor Care LLC full Pet Restoration

Step 1 : We pulled carpet back and pull all the padding out that needs to be replaced with new padding to get rid of all odor in pad.

Step 2 : Then we clean and disinfect the subfloors, backing of carpet and top of carpet to get all the urine odor out of surfaces.

Step 3 : Then we seal all effected areas of subfloor to make sure odor do not return.

Step 4 : Then we install new padding and install carpet back to the way they were.

Step 5 : The final step is to clean and deodorize the carpets to leave them smelling and looking like new again.

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